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Mokshya (2014) Full Nepali Movie Watch Online

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    NEW NEPALI MOVIE || MOKSHYA || ||FULL MOVIE || FULL HD_1080PrnrnShree Ram Balaji Films PresentsrnNepali Film "MOKSHYA"rnStarting:Koshish Chettri,Beni


    NEW NEPALI MOVIE || MOKSHYA || ||FULL MOVIE || FULL HD_1080PrnrnShree Ram Balaji Films PresentsrnNepali Film "MOKSHYA"rnStarting:Koshish Chettri,Benisha Hamal,Bikram Singh,Dipesh Bhandari,Manish Godar etc.rnrnLyrics:rnYogendra Mani DahalrnSanjeev SinghrnDhilung RairnNavakranti BandrnPrabeen ShrestharnRabin ShrestharnrnMusic:rnSanjeev SinghrnDhilung RairnNavakranti BandrnPrabeen ShrestharnrnCinematographers:rnRabin ShrestharnHari HumagainrnPratap SinghrnManas SuwalrnBikash ShrestharnrnColorist: Sudip ShrestharnrnBackground Score: Tsujill KarmacharyarnrnSound Design and Film Mix: Uttam NeupanernrnConcert choreographed by: Himal Joshi, Bishal Dhungana, Prabin shrestharnrnvfx: Rajesh ShahrnrnChief Asst.

    Director: Rajan KathetrnProducer: Sunil ManandharrnDirection: Prabin ShrestharnrnAudio on Budha Subba Music CenterrnrnShort Description: rn'MOKSHYA' is a critically acclaimed Nepali musical movie based on a true story.

    It has raised the issue of People with Spinal Cord Injury (PWSCI).rnrnMOKSHYA - SYNOPSIS Mokshya is the story of Kosish.

    The year is 2003.

    Kosish is eighteen and is a dreamer.

    With his band MOKSHYA, he aspires become a successful musician.

    He daydreams that one day his efforts will pay off and Mokshya will perform in front of a large crowd of roaring fans.

    But to Kosish's conservative dad, Kosish's dreams are of little worth.

    When his band makes it to the finals of a band competition, Kosish sees this as an escape route that will secure his hopes.

    Although, Kosish's musical journey is heading in the right direction, his studies and love life go a downhill ride in the course of time.

    Hindered with uncertainties of life Kosish feels defeated but at the finals, his talents shine as Mokshya amazes everyone with its performance.

    And finally they win the competition.

    As the winners, they earn a record deal and are all set to sign up for a ALL NEPAL TOUR.

    Then the unexpected happens.

    While the band celebrates its triumph, Kosish falls victim to a group attack.

    Kosish gets severely injured.

    At the hospital we are informed that Kosish suffers from spinal cord injury that will make him a paraplegic (inability to move lower body) throughout his life.

    This comes as a nightmare to Kosish's friends and family.

    With the doctor's suggestion Kosish is made oblivious about his condition until he has psychologically matured.

    As time passes, Kosish friends and specially his girlfriend Smriti, help him recover.

    But the problems don't seem to finish yet.

    Due to Kosish's condition the Music Company cancels Mokshya's record deal causing internal clashes between members.

    Moreover, Kosish is made aware that he wouldn't be able to walk again at the time when the band splits.

    Kosish takes the news quite hard.

    He abandons his friends and breaks up with his girlfriend.

    The dreams that he sowed do not germinate into crops of reality.

    Now, it has been six years since Moskhya split, Kosish now works in his father's convenience store doing a mundane job.

    Unfortunately, it seems that he has given up his dreams on becoming a musician.

    Will he be able to rise back again and give music another chance? Will he learn to accept himself?rnrnAchievement: NFDC, National Film Award 2071 (2014) - MAHA Jury Award MINSK Online Filmy khabar Award 2071 (2014) - Best Film Critics Award D Cine Award 1.Best Film of the year 2.

    Best Debut Director of the year 3.

    Popular Actor Box Office Award 2071 (2014) - Best Debut Director of the year FICSON Award, Best Actor of the year 2014 NEFTA Award 2071 1.

    Best Film Critics Award 2.Best Arranger CG KAMANA AWARDS 2071 1.

    Best Story 2.

    Best Dialouge 3.

    Best Debut Actor 4.

    Best Debut Director Nominated in various categories in different awards:

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